FdA Digital Visualisation


The digital revolution is forcing the most dramatic changes in art and design since the Renaissance. This interdisciplinary course combines practical and theoretical practice to develop your digital skills within traditional areas such as painting, sculpture, illustration, printed material, exhibitions, animation, concept art for games and film, web products, architectural and interior visualisation, 3D computer modelling, product, automotive and furniture styling, fashion, surface pattern and packaging design, set design for theatre, film and TV, installation art and future visualisation.

You will learn the skills, knowledge, aptitude and adaptability to move with confidence into a variety of creative industries. Links to these industries are encouraged as part of the Professional Practice module which also helps develop routes for career progression.

The course covers a broad art and design base including:

  • 2D, 3D and 4D Art / Design / Visualisation / Motion
  • Flexible Personal Development allowing career development in a number of directions including: Fine Art, Publishing, Illustration, Technical Illustration, Film Production Design, Animation, Graphic Design, Game Art, 3D Design, Exhibition Design and Interior and Architectural Visualisation

Starting by examining the fundamentals of art and design, you will develop the creative and observational skills required in the industry. From this solid foundation, you will develop your own projects within your chosen specialist areas and gain the opportunity to experiment with new rules, disciplines and, above all, ideas. The course works closely with a wide range of professionals so digital skills can be applied in many situations, enhancing employability as well as creativity.

You can follow our students work via their Tumblr page here.

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