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3D Workshops

Art students at Truro College have been treated to two 3D based workshops over the past weeks.
Ceramicist Ann Thomas delivered a day-long workshop with second-year Extended Diploma students. Ann, whose practice takes her around the world, worked with students individually in the run up to their exhibition ‘Horizons’, being held on Truro Piazza on 20-24th May. Student Jess Lewis, who experimented with slip casting and black clay, described the experience as ‘an exciting opportunity to try new techniques’.

Then ex-student Dan McWilliams returned to show Extended Diploma students his portfolio. Dan progressed from Truro College to study Modelmaking at The Arts University College at Bournemouth. There, hard work paid off – Dan secured work as a model maker at top London architect firm Farrells. He has recently been promoted, to become their head model maker. Reflecting on his time at Truro College, Dan commented on the diversity of experimentation with materials as being one of the keys to his successful progression.

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Student Showcase : Katy Bragg / Megan Miller / Ellie Cutting

This weeks Student Showcase is a triple header featuring three students on the Level 2 Diploma in Art & Design course.
Aswell as being class mates Katy, Ellie and Megan all have a similar goals too. Once they complete Level 2 they aim to carry on here at Truro College and take the Level 3 course. All also hope to work in the tattoo business, designing tattoo artwork and eventually becoming tattoo-ists.
All three are currently working on varied projects from designing jewellery to pop art inspired images. Prefering to work with pens, ink and paint they are producing some great work as shown above.
The students would all like to thank Claire for her help and Ellie would like to thank her uncle, Mouse, a local tattoo-ist for his inspiration.

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Student Showcase : Jack Nicholls

Jack Nicholls is the next of our Student Showcase profiles and is studying an Extended Diploma in Art & Design here at Truro College.
Jack, 18, loves to work with pen and ink to create his intricate illustraions and takes inspiration from the artist Nate van Dyke.
Jack is currently working on his final major project (FMP) for the course. Entitled `Seeing Dark Matter` it is an illustrated spin on augmented reallity. Drawing normal, everyday scenes then overlaying weird creatures only the character can see on top using tracing paper.
Once he finishes here at Truro he is then off to study a BA Hons in Illustration at Falmouth and then find a niche for himself and his work, whilst `going with the flow`
Jack would like to thanks all his lecturers for the continued assistance.

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Appropriated Space – Exhibition

Two of Truro College`s art & design staff, Arlo Tinson and Stuart Robinson, are showing some of their artwork in Falmouth`s Fish Factory art space over April.
The exhibition is entitled `Appropriated Space`…
Using Falmouth Wharf as both a departure point and a setting the exhibition will explore the potentials of appropriated space, the work will be presented within the space which it has deconstructed. The Wharf is a space redundant of its intended function and currently accommodates an alternative community.
It runs at the Fish Factory from Saturday 5th April until Thursday 24th April and is open Monday – Saturday from 10am-5pm.

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Anthony Frost and Bob Devereux visit the Saturday Art Club

A few Saturdays ago Truro College Saturday Art Club had the pleasure of hosting visiting artists Anthony Frost and Bob Devereux for a masterclass. Along with members of the Falmouth Saturday Art Club the children spent the day creating wonderful abstract impressionist paintings with the help of the two artists. During the masterclass we were also visited by Sir John and Lady Frances Sorrel, the founders of NADSC. They spent the morning visiting and chatting with the young club members. The results of their work can be seen above and the students really enjoyed their day.

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