3D Workshops

Art students at Truro College have been treated to two 3D based workshops over the past weeks.
Ceramicist Ann Thomas delivered a day-long workshop with second-year Extended Diploma students. Ann, whose practice takes her around the world, worked with students individually in the run up to their exhibition ‘Horizons’, being held on Truro Piazza on 20-24th May. Student Jess Lewis, who experimented with slip casting and black clay, described the experience as ‘an exciting opportunity to try new techniques’.

Then ex-student Dan McWilliams returned to show Extended Diploma students his portfolio. Dan progressed from Truro College to study Modelmaking at The Arts University College at Bournemouth. There, hard work paid off – Dan secured work as a model maker at top London architect firm Farrells. He has recently been promoted, to become their head model maker. Reflecting on his time at Truro College, Dan commented on the diversity of experimentation with materials as being one of the keys to his successful progression.

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