Tate St Ives Visit & Workshops Sat 14th June

As part of the Artist in residence programme our students were offered free transport to the Tate St Ives ‘International Exchanges: Modern Art and St Ives 1915–1965’ exhibition. Not only did their friends and family enjoy free entry, the students also got to exhibit their work within the space, an amazing experience and opportunity, they were also able to run or engage in various workshops! Fine Art Knitting, Performance Art, Creative Writing and Singing were just a few of the experiences on offer! Tate Collectives is looking for any young people to get involved, so check it out and start doing exciting things with the Tate!
What the students had to say –
Harry Roberts “I found it really interesting to have a practicing artist like Naomi in residence. She was very approachable, and welcomed discussion on various subjects. I was also encouraged to try monoprinting by her, which I found really enjoyable, and will definitely use in my future practice.”
Emily Bainbridge “Visiting Naomi Frears studio in St Ives was really inspiring, I’ve never met a Fine Artist before, it made me feel I could make Art and study it at Degree level maybe even pursuing it as a career!”

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