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Ceramic Creativity

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The year 1 Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design students have been also been getting crafty with clay this month.
They have been creating pinch bowls or pots from raku with some interesting and individual results. The brief being use your imagination and get creative with the clay. Each pot has been inspired by the students own research and they have each thrown their own character into their work.
As tutor Reece says “Some fine and individual examples of pinch pottery!”

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Foundation Art, Design & Media Course

foundation poster
Applications are being taken for the Foundation Art, Design and Media course here at Truro College
Come and see what all the fuss is about at the Tregye campus (Carnon Downs) on Tues 5th December from 5pm until 8pm.
For more info on the course click HERE!

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Saturday Art & Design club: LDN visit

Truro and Penwith_Magnus_AnderssonMembers of the Truro College National Saturday Art & Design Club recently took a trip to the nations capital, London.
The 10 students went up to take part in the clubs welcome meeting where they showed of their self portraits, visited the Tate Modern and bankside galleries. They were even treated to some spectacular fireworks laid on by the Mayor of London.

Here`s what a few of them had to say about their trip…

A Great experience – EA

Really inspirational – AT

I really enjoyed experiencing a gallery and being able to see my work in London – MB

An amazing trip which is worth doing again – DS

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A Christmas Cabinet of Curiosities

Former Truro College art student Marianne Buckley is exhibiting her art work at the Porthminster gallery, St. Ives.

Here is what she has to say about her work –
‘After working on a project which focused on landscape and tone, I later progressed onto an exploration in colour. Having rural and urban landscapes as my previous topic, I manipulated the paint in distinct but simple strokes to recreate an abstract painting of the environment and elements. Using complimentary colours which portrayed some notions of both the sea and the city, these paintings are a unique vision of the contrasting habitats placed together.’

If you can get there its well worth a look.

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Julian Opie Style Self Portraits

AS Illustration Graphics students have been practising their vector drawing skills by rendering their own Julian Opie style portraits.
We think you’ll agree, they look pretty good!
So we decorated the computer room walls with our results.

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Clay Modelling with the Fluffs.

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With a view to letting the product design students get to grips with multiple forms of modelling, each week they are tackling a new medium.
This week it was clay. Terracotta to be exact.
With a little help from the ceramics technician Reece the class all had a go at making their own clay hedgehogs.
Everyone produced their own version of the little blighters, some looking more rat than hedgehog, and others more friendly and less menacing than some.
Next week the students tackle balsa wood carving.

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A Sense of Self

Circuit/Tate – ‘A Sense of Self’ – Fine Art Photography Workshop with A Level students. 

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During the half term break A level students had the pleasure of working alongside artist Oliver Raymond-Barker in an exciting three day Fine Art & Photography workshop which culminated in a visit to the Tate St Ives current show on photography ‘The Modern Lens’. Students worked in a range of mixed media including, paint, stitch, photograms, gold leaf and digitally! The results were so good they have been invited to exhibit their work in a temporary display in the Tate alongside the current exhibition, during Young at Tate on Saturday the 15th of November. Definitely worth a visit!

Well done to all the students, below is some of their finished images.

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Colour Theory

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Colour is but a sensation and has no existence outside the nervous system of living beings.”  Nicholas Ogden Rood

What is colour?

A Level Art Students got all Bahaus during colour theory week!

Students used ‘The Interaction of colour’ by Artist Josef Albers to explore ideas in relation to colour theory.

Students were asked to consider the way in which we perceive colour, how colour is effected by adjacent colours and the cultural associations of colour and Language!

Students played the coca cola red game, where colour memory was tested! Students also compared touch sensation to visual sensation and how this could be compared in relation to warm and cold! Get the bucket of iced water and hot water out!

All in all, a really fun and informative week was had by all, where students tried to deepen their understanding of colour and colour terminology!

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Beyond Truro College – Victoria Walker

Next to be featured in our Beyond Truro College posts is jeweller Victoria Walker.

Victoria specializes in kinetic, fine jewellery inspired by the beauty of natural forms. Her signature botanical lockets feature miniature articulated flowers that gently emerge and unfold from within. Ring designs are also kinetic and feature beautiful stones set into entirely revolving spheres. These moving designs are inspired by the sentimental nature of lockets and indeed all jewellery, with the idea that sometimes the most precious and treasured elements are hidden beneath the surface. Using traditional techniques with silver, 18ct gold and diamonds, every tiny petal is carefully handcrafted and precisely engineered to create these beautiful impressions of the natural world.

What Victoria has to say about here time at the college –
‘I really enjoyed studying at Truro College. The jewellery course was very focused on traditional making skills and with a relatively small class size, we had the benefit of regular one-to-one tuition. I found the atmosphere at college really positive and tutors across all art and design departments seemed keen to help in whatever area we needed it. Of course, one of the best parts was being able to study and complete my degree without leaving Cornwall.’

Her work can be found at Princes House, Truro and more of her work can be viewed here.

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