Colour Theory

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Colour is but a sensation and has no existence outside the nervous system of living beings.”  Nicholas Ogden Rood

What is colour?

A Level Art Students got all Bahaus during colour theory week!

Students used ‘The Interaction of colour’ by Artist Josef Albers to explore ideas in relation to colour theory.

Students were asked to consider the way in which we perceive colour, how colour is effected by adjacent colours and the cultural associations of colour and Language!

Students played the coca cola red game, where colour memory was tested! Students also compared touch sensation to visual sensation and how this could be compared in relation to warm and cold! Get the bucket of iced water and hot water out!

All in all, a really fun and informative week was had by all, where students tried to deepen their understanding of colour and colour terminology!

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One thought on “Colour Theory

  1. dougdorda says:

    Color being set a sensation…. Hmmm, being an artist that works solely within the medium of voice, I had never given much thought to what constitutes color. You’ve given me quite the thought to ponder. I love that ideal!

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