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Life Drawing

Students from one of the life drawing classes get to grips with the human form this week.

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Fashion Master Class

A2 Fashion students create amazing garment in only an hour and a half! In a Subtraction Pattern Cutting Master Class, led by Gary Mills Programme Leader for Fashion at Somerset College, students designed, cut and created these awesome garments in under 90 minutes.

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Art Academy Monoprints

Students from the print making Art Academy class have been creating these fabulous mono-prints over the past week, with stunning results.

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Egg Drop Challenge Eggs-travaganza!

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This week saw the 3D product design first years finish and launch their egg-celent projects for the 2015 Egg Drop Challenge.
Under the watchful eye of Sean and I the students have spent the last few workshop sessions working on their flying (or falling) machines. They were marked on use of materials, aesthetics and its ability to stay aloft for more than 5 seconds!
The contraptions ranged from balloons, parachutes, planes, the odd helicopter and a rocket. Some looked fab, others not so much but all were destined to take flight from the top floor on a one way mission.

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Not all survived their maiden voyage, and more than a few killed their egg pilot in a spectacular fashion. The rocket even gave us the fright of the day by ramming into the roof at high speed and denting the building!
Overall winners were team `99 Dead Balloons` and `Custard and the Shark` who not only kept their pilots intact but did so with aesthetic style.
The mini-project was great fun, and the teams all did a great job setting the bar high for next years challenge.

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