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Prize Winning Pewter


Rachael Osbourne’s designs for a silver bowl have won her a Precious Metal Bursary worth £1000 From the Goldsmiths Company.

Peter Taylor remarked how “The judges were extremely impressed with the presentation and quality of Racheal application”

She will use the award to create a silver version of her Spun Pewter Bowl.

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Beyond Truro College – Jenny Harrington

Animator Jenny Harrington is next up in our series of past students.

Coming to Truro College from a home-schooled background was equally daunting as it was exciting, finally having access to so many facilities and experts in all different fields of art was a dream come true. While on the National Diploma was where I really discover my passion for art, getting to be creative all day everyday and being pushed by all the workshops to explore different kinds of art I felt I really started to find who I was creatively. Even when I decided to pursue my passion for animation, a subject not taught on the curriculum I had so much support from my lecturers. Sam Bassett gave me a super quick Adobe Flash tutorial in his lunch break to get me started and I had constant encouragement and support from, George Hounsome and Jo Higgins, even helping me take over a store cupboard in the art block to make an animation for my final project as there was no animation facilities.


When it came to applying to universities I had an incredible level of support putting together my portfolio and preparing me for interviews, as I result I was accepted by my first choice and I am now in my second year of a degree of Animation at UWE. Initially interested in stop motion animation I was slowly pulled away from that and back to the 2D style of the work I made at Truro College and now specialise in 2D experimental animations. I now experiment with bringing real elements into animation like printmaking, paint and drawings into animation finally letting the two interests collide. My time at TC has helped me so much with things like colour theory and knowledge on programmes like photoshop that in hindsight influence my work so much more than I thought they ever would. It’s helped me really see creative potential in my work and am now always looking for new and different ways to push the medium of animation because of it.

See more of Jenny`s animations HERE.