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PDBE Egg Drop `17

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Its that time of year again when 1st year A-Level Product Design & the Built Environment students take to the skies. Well their egg pilots do, and that`s no `yolk`.
After some `egg-citing` times in the workshop, constructing balloons, gliders & prop-planes, we `scrambled` to launch the craft from the third floor balcony. `Om-let` me tell you the excitement was palpable. The various winged vehicles flew (and plumpeted) ground-wards at varying rates of speed. Some pilots were dashed, they literally `cracked` under pressure. Others survived to fly another day.
All in the name of design, teamwork and good, clean fun.

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A-Level Architecture Talks

On Friday the 4th of November A level students studying Product Design & The Built Environment had the opportunity to meet two highly regarded Architects. Jennifer Dixon (Architecture Lead) For AECOM ( One of the Worlds Largest Architecture and Infrastructure Companies), and Mark Elton Director for Cowen Eco Design and UK Specialist for Passivhaus and sustainable design. 14 dedicated students came to college on their day off to listen to talks by both, about their experiences in the industry followed by a question and answer session which was very enlightening.

Both Jennifer and Mark were invited to review 2nd year architectural projects and give highly valued feedback to the students, last year Jennifer also helped organise a once in a life time visit to Grimshaws Architectural practice in NYC where students where able to see some of the worlds leading architectural projects happening in real time.

When asked to comment about the student’s work Jennifer said ” The outputs in the studio and the level of design thinking are clearly well beyond the normal expectations of an A level study program” Mark Elton when asked the same reflected the positive comments made by his peer adding “Having been invited to Truro to review students’ progress on the architecture module led by Sean Dugan, I was delighted to also get the chance to introduce them to the Passivhaus design standard as well. I was really impressed with their awareness of the issues surrounding sustainable design and the ambition of their projects. For those students wishing to advance to architectural careers, this course will give them an incredible foundation for the challenges facing them in architecture school. Gwrys yn ta pubonan! / Well done everyone!”


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Product design : Hoover project

Marking out,




Surface prep,

and painting. Finished product coming soon!


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Julian Opie Style Self Portraits

AS Illustration Graphics students have been practising their vector drawing skills by rendering their own Julian Opie style portraits.
We think you’ll agree, they look pretty good!
So we decorated the computer room walls with our results.

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A Sense of Self

Circuit/Tate – ‘A Sense of Self’ – Fine Art Photography Workshop with A Level students. 

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During the half term break A level students had the pleasure of working alongside artist Oliver Raymond-Barker in an exciting three day Fine Art & Photography workshop which culminated in a visit to the Tate St Ives current show on photography ‘The Modern Lens’. Students worked in a range of mixed media including, paint, stitch, photograms, gold leaf and digitally! The results were so good they have been invited to exhibit their work in a temporary display in the Tate alongside the current exhibition, during Young at Tate on Saturday the 15th of November. Definitely worth a visit!

Well done to all the students, below is some of their finished images.

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Colour Theory

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Colour is but a sensation and has no existence outside the nervous system of living beings.”  Nicholas Ogden Rood

What is colour?

A Level Art Students got all Bahaus during colour theory week!

Students used ‘The Interaction of colour’ by Artist Josef Albers to explore ideas in relation to colour theory.

Students were asked to consider the way in which we perceive colour, how colour is effected by adjacent colours and the cultural associations of colour and Language!

Students played the coca cola red game, where colour memory was tested! Students also compared touch sensation to visual sensation and how this could be compared in relation to warm and cold! Get the bucket of iced water and hot water out!

All in all, a really fun and informative week was had by all, where students tried to deepen their understanding of colour and colour terminology!

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Beyond Truro College – Victoria Walker

Next to be featured in our Beyond Truro College posts is jeweller Victoria Walker.

Victoria specializes in kinetic, fine jewellery inspired by the beauty of natural forms. Her signature botanical lockets feature miniature articulated flowers that gently emerge and unfold from within. Ring designs are also kinetic and feature beautiful stones set into entirely revolving spheres. These moving designs are inspired by the sentimental nature of lockets and indeed all jewellery, with the idea that sometimes the most precious and treasured elements are hidden beneath the surface. Using traditional techniques with silver, 18ct gold and diamonds, every tiny petal is carefully handcrafted and precisely engineered to create these beautiful impressions of the natural world.

What Victoria has to say about here time at the college –
‘I really enjoyed studying at Truro College. The jewellery course was very focused on traditional making skills and with a relatively small class size, we had the benefit of regular one-to-one tuition. I found the atmosphere at college really positive and tutors across all art and design departments seemed keen to help in whatever area we needed it. Of course, one of the best parts was being able to study and complete my degree without leaving Cornwall.’

Her work can be found at Princes House, Truro and more of her work can be viewed here.

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Student Showcase : Holly Summerson

The first Student Showcase of this year features some animated work by AS Level Illustration & Graphics student Holly Summerson.

See the full animation here – VIDEO LINK

“My work is a 15 second animated ident for National Geographic channel which I designed for Illustration and Graphics coursework. I was looking at the theme of sustainability, particularly in Cornish beaches, and wanted to emphasize the beauty and importance of the sea. Each of the frames was printed using a card-relief technique, before being animated on a light-box and later edited in Photoshop.”

The music is by Eric & Magill, and can be found on the Free Music Archive.

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‘Drawing ON Reality’

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AS fine Art students applied Leonardo da Vinci’s advice to their own drawings this week, when they traced direct from a still life they had been drawing!
DaVinci went outdoors and placed a sheet of glass across two easels and traced landscapes to study perspective. It wasn’t cheating; it was part of his lifelong search for science, truth and accuracy in his art. Here, he was studying perspective.
Students were then able to use this as an aid to assess whether they had seen and drawn correctly!
We are so Renaissance! (Except they didn’t have acetate or sharpies!) The examples show how well our students had done!

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