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Carol O`Toole Oil Painting Workshop pt2

The results of the second day of the oil painting workshop speak for themselves! We were so impressed with the progress all of our students made under the expert tutelage of Carol. Most students had never worked in oils and it was extremely inspiring to witness there fearlessness and ambition in approaching their task. The room was awash with vibrant colour, however you could have heard a pin drop, such was the concentration! Well… if that’s what our students can achieve after only two days, we have a real treat in store over the coming months!

We must again express our gratitude to Carol, whose professionalism, gentle humour, knowledge, warmth and enthusiasm for our students progress made each day a sheer pleasure!

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Page Turner – Turning heads

On from now until this Sat 27th May, 3pm – Page Turner.

A celebration of great student art from Truro College, Cornwall.

Take yourself down to Lemon Quay Piazza in Truro and become inspired by the wealth of talent on display.

From fine art to jewelry, from architecture to graphics design, and everything in between.

Our 12th annual show, Page Turner.

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Life Drawing

Students from one of the life drawing classes get to grips with the human form this week.

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Foundation Diploma: Work in Progress

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A selection of work by Foundation Diploma Art & Design students from their latest project. The brief was to explore a personal investigation of ‘Personal Space’ developing ideas and exploring these within all the areas of the course; Fine Art, Textural Surfaces, Visual Communication, Printmaking, and 3D.

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Penlee and Exchange Gallery Visit

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Yesterday was the first of many days out and visits to see art in situ in the south west.
Second year students got the chance to visit the Penlee Gallery and the Exchange, both in Penzance. They got to explore the galleries and made drawings of the artwork they saw.
The Penlee Gallery is showing an exhibition on portrait painter Leonard Fuller, a key figure of the St. Ives school of art. Whilst the Exchange has artwork on display from Sandra Blow, a pioneer of the British post-war abstract movement, also with links to St. Ives.
The students had a great time viewing the exhibitions and will use ideas from their studies as starting points for their next project.

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Horizons – the countdown begins.

This time next week the department will be busy on Truro Plaza setting up the show.
Preperation continues apace here at college with piles of plinths ready to go and artwork being readied for exhibition.

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Horizons Exhibition 20 – 24th May 2014

9th annual exhibition of work by Truro College Art and Design Students
Tuesday 20 to Saturday 24 May 2014
9am – 6pm Tuesday-Friday and 9am-3.00pm Saturday
Marquee on the Piazza, Lemon Quay, Truro
Admission is free

This year’s show will focus on journeys and the varied horizons open to creative individuals. The public will have the chance to change their outlook and to see what might be on the horizon and who is striving to reach their goals now and in the future! It will prove that the creative experience broadens horizons!

“The aim of HORIZONS is to celebrate the outstanding art and design work produced by Truro College art and design students” comments Mark Dunford, Deputy Team Leader for Art & Design. “By taking our work out of the White Building into a temporary highly visible exhibition space, right in the heart of the community, this will provide everyone with a unique insight into this year’s highly individual work. An exhibition of this kind can have a dramatic impact upon the students’ future and career within the creative industries”.

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Drawing with Wire

Drawing in wire. The line you never rub out!

A level students attending ‘Study Plus’ Life Drawing, didn’t need rubbers for their drawings this week as they were drawing with wire!

Inspired by the below image by Alexander Calder students manipulated wire taped to paper to create these continuos line drawings, which resulted in these confident ‘graphic’ images!

Alexander Calder
Whatever next?!   Just you wait and see, more posts to follow!

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Life Drawing

truro-college-life-drawing-photo (4)

Students have been busy with life drawing again this week using the mediums of charcoal and chalk to produce this fine set of images.

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Head Space

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Head space! Three dimensional lines!

The A Level ‘Study Plus’ life drawing students were ssked to think like the famous modernist sculptor Rodin this week as they were asked to draw contours in space! Unlike Rodin whose works are in bronze or marble, our students were asked to make a three dimensional head in wire. The results range from quite illustrative and playful, to visually intelligent and complex. Often reminiscent of the haptic drawings of Claude Heath shown below.


Great work everyone, ‘Go! Study plus sculptors!’


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