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Contour modelling

1st year Product Design and the Built Environment students have been learning about how buildings interact with their surroundings this week.
They made cardboard contour models then added scaled architectural buildings to these made from dowel and wood sections.

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A weekly selection of all things art – printmaikng, fashion and textiles, ceramics, 3D model making and illustration

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PDBE Egg Drop `17

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Its that time of year again when 1st year A-Level Product Design & the Built Environment students take to the skies. Well their egg pilots do, and that`s no `yolk`.
After some `egg-citing` times in the workshop, constructing balloons, gliders & prop-planes, we `scrambled` to launch the craft from the third floor balcony. `Om-let` me tell you the excitement was palpable. The various winged vehicles flew (and plumpeted) ground-wards at varying rates of speed. Some pilots were dashed, they literally `cracked` under pressure. Others survived to fly another day.
All in the name of design, teamwork and good, clean fun.

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Page Turner – Turning heads

On from now until this Sat 27th May, 3pm – Page Turner.

A celebration of great student art from Truro College, Cornwall.

Take yourself down to Lemon Quay Piazza in Truro and become inspired by the wealth of talent on display.

From fine art to jewelry, from architecture to graphics design, and everything in between.

Our 12th annual show, Page Turner.

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Mini Models

The 1st year students studying A-Level Product Design in the Built Environment (PDBE) spent this week improving on their mini model making skills. Their brief was to populate a town with relevant buildings required for its infrastructure. From a list they chose a building type, designed and then built it from green high density foam and scrap material. The photos show some of the best models from the task, including a brutalist police station, twisted linear style high-rise and traditional village church.

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A-Level Architecture Talks

On Friday the 4th of November A level students studying Product Design & The Built Environment had the opportunity to meet two highly regarded Architects. Jennifer Dixon (Architecture Lead) For AECOM ( One of the Worlds Largest Architecture and Infrastructure Companies), and Mark Elton Director for Cowen Eco Design and UK Specialist for Passivhaus and sustainable design. 14 dedicated students came to college on their day off to listen to talks by both, about their experiences in the industry followed by a question and answer session which was very enlightening.

Both Jennifer and Mark were invited to review 2nd year architectural projects and give highly valued feedback to the students, last year Jennifer also helped organise a once in a life time visit to Grimshaws Architectural practice in NYC where students where able to see some of the worlds leading architectural projects happening in real time.

When asked to comment about the student’s work Jennifer said ” The outputs in the studio and the level of design thinking are clearly well beyond the normal expectations of an A level study program” Mark Elton when asked the same reflected the positive comments made by his peer adding “Having been invited to Truro to review students’ progress on the architecture module led by Sean Dugan, I was delighted to also get the chance to introduce them to the Passivhaus design standard as well. I was really impressed with their awareness of the issues surrounding sustainable design and the ambition of their projects. For those students wishing to advance to architectural careers, this course will give them an incredible foundation for the challenges facing them in architecture school. Gwrys yn ta pubonan! / Well done everyone!”


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Egg Drop Challenge Eggs-travaganza!

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This week saw the 3D product design first years finish and launch their egg-celent projects for the 2015 Egg Drop Challenge.
Under the watchful eye of Sean and I the students have spent the last few workshop sessions working on their flying (or falling) machines. They were marked on use of materials, aesthetics and its ability to stay aloft for more than 5 seconds!
The contraptions ranged from balloons, parachutes, planes, the odd helicopter and a rocket. Some looked fab, others not so much but all were destined to take flight from the top floor on a one way mission.

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Not all survived their maiden voyage, and more than a few killed their egg pilot in a spectacular fashion. The rocket even gave us the fright of the day by ramming into the roof at high speed and denting the building!
Overall winners were team `99 Dead Balloons` and `Custard and the Shark` who not only kept their pilots intact but did so with aesthetic style.
The mini-project was great fun, and the teams all did a great job setting the bar high for next years challenge.

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Putting the ‘D’ for diversity into 3D Design

With a wide range of diverse projects that include `Steam Punk` furniture, organic architecture and even shell-fish inspired roofing over Penzance high street, this year`s students really have made their mark! With such a range of different outcomes it has made for a really interesting start to this brand new course. Students have used new technologies like 3D printing and the laser cutter, while others have kept with more traditional methods of creative making such as wire and clay sculpture, but all have enjoyed the design and making experience.

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