A-Level Fine Art

A-Level Fine Art :

The aims of the Fine Art course are to develop fundamental skills through a range of approaches to observational drawing and painting. Students will have the opportunity to finely tune not only their observational perceptiveness but also their creative skills utilising a broad range of materials.

Students engage in a personal approach to set starting points and themes presenting a personal portfolio of coursework. During this time students are encouraged to explore and discover their strengths and interests through drawing, painting and other media. The student’s completed portfolios must demonstrate a suitable creative development of ideas and outcomes in a range of processes, whilst referencing appropriate artists through written and visual work.

The second year, builds on the skills learnt in the AS year and work produced must reflect a greater depth of extended study.

Further information here:  http://www.truro-penwith.ac.uk/ft/art-design-fine-art-a-level-truro-college/

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