A Level Art & Design: Fine Art

A Level Art & Design: Fine Art

Do you enjoy drawing? Would you like to improve your skills and knowledge? Would you like the opportunity to see and understand the world in a different way? This course offers you the opportunity to develop creatively, either as a personally enriching interest or as part of a progression towards a career within the creative industries

You will begin the course with varied approaches to observation and drawing through which your visual understanding will improve. During a series of workshops you will explore a range of two-dimensional materials and approaches, such as tone, mark making, ink, mixed media, colour and painting. The workshops are structured to encourage personal confidence in your own preferences and interests. You will explore how a range of modern and historic artists have communicated ideas through their imagery and techniques.

Your sketchbook documents your evolving skills and knowledge along with new artistic terms and ideas, which you will record through your own style of note taking. By the end of the first year you will have developed a body of work which explores personal ideas through to a final outcome. The second year builds on your learning. There is one personally negotiated, focused coursework project and one exam project. Experimental drawing practical workshops are held throughout the year, encouraging you to take risks and work in new and different ways.

As well as being creative, there is a small written element. The second year is supported by group presentations, strengthening your analytical skills through both discussion and written work, preparing you well for Higher Education. Towards the end of the course you are given eight weeks lecture time to prepare for a 15 hour exam. The preparation time forms a personal project responding to a chosen exam theme; the 15 hour exam time is used to create a final piece which resolves this final project.

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