A Level Art & Design: Illustration & Graphics

Illustration & GraphicsGraphics & Illustration

Do you possess a lively, enquiring mind? Do you enjoy developing your ideas through drawing and utilising a range of processes towards a final product? During the Illustration/Graphics course, you will learn to develop design solutions, exploring the power of visual communication as an invaluable commercial tool. The course is structured to support and develop your confidence and individual strengths, from illustrative and traditional studio-based skills through to more graphics and digitally based practice, allowing for a broad and creative approach to design.

You will begin the course with a range of varied and challenging workshops developing fundamental skills and knowledge integral to the world of Illustration and Design. Workshops are a mix of traditional and contemporary processes; these include experimental drawing and playful image making for students who wish to take the more traditional approach. Digital workshops offer all students access to develop skills in industry standard software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Other aspects you will explore include typography, thumbnail sketches, layout design, mixed media, extending these further through digital media. You will research a range of illustrative and graphic styles, applying this knowledge to develop your individual practice.

The research and development of your concepts and designs are gathered in your sketchbook. Documenting and constantly reflecting on your creative development, you will become skilled in communicating ideas visually, to meet your clients’ needs. By the end of the first year, you will have produced a body of work which documents your creative thinking and design process.

The second year builds on your learning in the first year. There is one personally negotiated, focused coursework project and one exam project. As well as building on your evolving visual identity, there is a small written element; this is supported by group presentations strengthening your analytical skills through both discussion and written work.

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