A-Level History of Art

A-Level History of Art:

The specification assumes no previous knowledge of History of Art and is suitable for the diverse range of candidates who wish to develop their interest in, and enjoyment of, the study of History of Art, fostering its value in lifelong learning.

The aim of this course is provide you with the opportunity to learn of the development and significance of the traditions of Western Art (paintings, sculpture and architecture).

On the course, through a series of illustrated lectures, video presentations and discussion groups, you will explore the social and historical contexts for the production of art.  Topics will include art (painting and sculpture) and architecture from the ancient Greeks to the present day.  In addition you will be taught skills for visual analysis of art works.

By the end of the course you will have developed the ability to effectively communicate understanding and knowledge of the history of art, including an awareness of art historical terms, concepts and issues.  You will be able to explore and respond to the significance of art works from studying specific periods of the history of art from a range of familiar and unfamiliar cultures.  You will have gained an understanding of the principal methods of researching and investigating art works, and applying research skills to the first-hand study of works of art.  You will have developed an understanding of how art works have been interpreted, and of the uses to which different sources of historical evidence have been put.

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