A Level Art & Design: Critical & Contextual Studies

A Level Art & Design: Critical & Contextual Studies

Do you have an interest in understanding art? Would you like to acquire the critical and objective skills to discuss art? This course will develop the skills and understanding in appreciating and interpreting artefacts.

Through practical assignments, you will develop innovative opportunities to acquire critical, contextual and curatorial knowledge, understanding and skills in appreciating artefacts, texts and images within particular cultural environments, alongside relevant practical investigations. The option provides for a broad range of intellectual and practical learning experiences through a variety of lively and creative strategies for developing and presenting personal, practical, critical and contextual responses.

These outcomes could take the form of gallery guides, exhibition brochures, magazine spreads, newspaper articles, documentary television scripts and factual or fictional discussions or exchanges between artists, craftspeople or designers using a range of communication methods.

A qualification in critical and contextual, as an academic subject is highly valued by many universities and employers alike and would be suitable for progression to a History of Art course. It is also an excellent subject to complement many courses, such as Architecture, Interior Architecture,  Film, Prosthetics and Theatrical Makeup, Art Therapy and Education.

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