Art and Design – Level 3 Extended Diploma

Art and Design – Level 3 Extended Diploma:

The art and design extended diploma course will aim to develop your practical and creative skills and theoretical understanding of art and design. It will provide you with a broad based art and design education, enabling you to progress directly to a higher education degree course, a foundation course or prepare you for related employment.

The first year units will develop your essential art and design skills in all the specialist areas we currently offer: Fine Art, Graphic Design, Three-Dimensional Design and Textiles. The nine interrelated creative areas will enable you to discover your specialist interests for the second year, whilst equipping you with a broad range of skills and experiences.

In the second year, you will be given the opportunity to select and work in a pathway which will provide specialist evidence to complete the Diploma and assist with your application to Higher Education. This could include: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, typography, textiles, constructed textiles, photography, ceramics, illustration, model making, multimedia, animation and professional practice.

All units include ‘broad’ starting points, allowing you to investigate and produce work about your individual interests. The use of a visual journal/sketchbook is essential to record your thoughts, ideas, discoveries and your journey towards individual outcomes.

During the first year you will study a vocational Life Drawing course. In the second year you will have the choice to study an additional qualification in Fashion, Jewellery or Photography. These courses will extend your skills and understanding and will assist with building of your portfolio for interview.

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