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Solar Eclipse of the Art

Today we witnessed a partial solar eclipse here in Cornwall.
Both students and staff spent time observing the phenomenon (safely) using various methods.
Here are some images of what we got up to.

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Pinhole Perfection

Well it`s nearly half-term here at Truro College and everyone’s been busy being creative over the past few weeks.
The photography class has spent this time learning and practicing analogue photography skills such as photograms, using the 35mm film SLR`s and these beautiful pinhole images.
Pinhole photography is a simple technique that is difficult to master. Using only ambient light and cameras made from a box with no lens, creating the images can be a bit of trial and error but when it works the results, like those above, can be awesome.

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Meet the Staff – Alex Woodhouse – Photography Technician

You`ve seen what we do and what our students do, so now its time to meet some of the talented folks who run the show.
Today its the turn of our photographic technician – Alex Woodhouse.

Alex is a self taught photographer with a passion for all genre`s. He loves caputring action sports photography, landscapes and everything in between. He is currently working on a project documenting the mining landscape around west Cornwall and his work can been seen on his blog site here.

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Photography exhibtion in White building

The NCFE photogarphy course is nearing completion and the students are showing off their creativity by exhibiting their work in the White building, top floor.
The work is the culmination of their photography course and showcases many styles from digital prints to cyanotypes.
Pop on by for a look if you are in the building, the photos will be up until Wednesday evening.

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Liquid Light

The photography students are now entering the final stage of their course and before the Christmas break were experimenting with a technique called `Liquid Light`. This light sensitive chemical emulsion can be painted onto almost any surface and then be exposed to light in the darkroom in the usual manner. Here are an example of their efforts.

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Life Drawing

truro-college-life-drawing-photo (4)

Students have been busy with life drawing again this week using the mediums of charcoal and chalk to produce this fine set of images.

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Head Space

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Head space! Three dimensional lines!

The A Level ‘Study Plus’ life drawing students were ssked to think like the famous modernist sculptor Rodin this week as they were asked to draw contours in space! Unlike Rodin whose works are in bronze or marble, our students were asked to make a three dimensional head in wire. The results range from quite illustrative and playful, to visually intelligent and complex. Often reminiscent of the haptic drawings of Claude Heath shown below.


Great work everyone, ‘Go! Study plus sculptors!’


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AS Fine Art Yr1: Renaissance Drawing Techniques

The AS Fine Art students have been experimenting with Renaissance drawing techniques. They have been exploring the use of Durers draughtsmans net and Leonardo da Vinci`s tracing through the veil to create measured line drawings of 3D objects with some excellent results as shown.

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Darkroom Experimentation

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Students have spent the past few weeks experimenting in the darkroom with traditional photographic techniques.
The slides show an example of some of their photograms created in the darkroom using objects, nature and water.
Next stage is to develop and print from their negatives.

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Van Dyke prints

The Extended Diploma students who have chosen to study NCFE Photography are continuing their ex[ploration of alternative photographic processes.  This week they have been making Van Dyke prints.  As with the Cyanotypes last week the students made their own photosensitive paper by treating Fabriano paper with a mixture of Ferric Ammonium Citrate, Tartaric Acid and Silver Nitrate and used the sunlight to expose their images.

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